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Chapter 261 Because you’re here

  • “Before you bully one of us, you better weigh yourself first. If Da Hua takes action, I guarantee you Fich’s share price will dive in 24 hours.”
  • Should they cross the line again, they would be digging their own grave.
  • Rick turned around and walked towards Shangguan Li. He looked her intently in the eyes and was apologetic, “I’m late.”
  • After that, he escorted her away from the group. When they got in the car, Rick asked the details from the manager and assistant. He also passed Shangguan Li a thin blanket to calm her down, “I will handle those rumours, don’t worry.”
  • “I didn’t think the set would collude with Fich. There was not even a single person that was willing to step up.”
  • What more, they even dared to openly challenge Da Hua. What did Rising Dragon promised or gave them?
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