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Chapter 221 Didn’t want you to worry

  • After saying that, his face was filled with worry and distress.
  • Yan Wen raised her head to look at him, and then slowly muttered, “It’s not that I want to let the culprit off. I’m not such a gracious person. But I was worried that you might get worried. I knew you wouldn’t let me suffer even the slightest harm. What more, if I were to be sent to the hospital, you would undoubtedly leave all your works behind to stand guard…”
  • “I wanted to tell you when I go home…”
  • Jiang Sui-an didn’t say anything else but hugged her tightly.
  • Yan Wen wanted to continue but all of a sudden she was in grievance and wept, “Why are you so harsh on me…”
  • “I… I didn’t mean it. I promise I wouldn’t do it again.” The man panicked and coaxed her.
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