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Chapter 199 Don’t announce it

  • Rick was already waiting for them outside the door. The man was thoughtful because it had been Yan Wen’s first and to avoid any awkwardness, he would personally lead the way.
  • When they walked in the hallway, they saw that the place was in a lavish and classical design, as if they were walking into an old European palace, with resounding soothing classical music.
  • As Yan Wen looked around, she saw that those who present were all big names in the show industry. There were famous idols, world-class actors and famed singers. There was a person that she had met a few times, the advertisement queen of Asia, esteemed actress Shangguan Li.
  • She was sitting by the bar counter and was enjoying her champagne all alone. Her purple long dress insinuated her charming figure.
  • Rick introduced Yan Wen to another big time movie star, “Mr. Han, this is our company’s new artist, Yan Wen.”
  • Although Yan Wen wasn’t professional in movie shoots, she was aware of the man’s status in the movie world. The man had secured multiple films in the Hollywood since 10 years ago. His figure could be seen in various famous action movies and what he achieved was dreamt by countless others.
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