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Chapter 185 You’re lying!

  • Bai Xiaoxiao sighed and lowered her phone, she looked curiously at Lin Jia, “Why are you always dissing Yan Wen? What happened?”
  • Lin Jia then told her encounter with Wei Lang, “I went to Ole and they just sent me off with some money. They said that Yan Wen didn’t want to meet us. For her stardom and body, she wouldn’t donate her bone marrow. I knew it! She’s just a crook!”
  • Bai Xiaoxiao finally understood, “How can you go to Ole? Now the president of Ole is trying to sabotage Yan Wen. What you are doing might cause trouble for her.”
  • “So what? Would they deceive us?”
  • Bai Xiaoxiao nodded, “Of course! Anything can happen in the showbiz. Isn’t my brother a perfect example of that?”
  • Upon hearing her explanation, Lin Jia finally understood.
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