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Chapter 9 Getting Entangled

  • I had no choice but to carry my suitcase to settle down in a hotel.
  • After spending a night in the hotel, I received a call from my boss early in the morning. He was very angry. He asked why I did not go to work today despite asking for only three days off.
  • I glanced at my wristwatch. Indeed, I was already late for work. Boss kept scolding me and kept telling me to go back to the office immediately. There was an important meeting today and my salary this month would be cut if I could not make it in time.
  • Now that I had lost my love, I would have to live like a pauper if I lost my salary too.
  • I quickly changed into clean clothes and used foundation to cover the bruises caused by Jiang Zhigang on my face as much as possible. My lips were still okay but my tongue had bled a lot. It was good enough that I could at least open my mouth to speak.
  • I rushed to the office in haste. Boss scolded me a few times before finally ushering me to prepare for the meeting.
  • As soon as I entered the meeting room, I was immediately greeted by Tang Xiao spurious smile. Damn it! Boss even asked me to sit next to him!
  • As it turned out, Tang Xiao was actually the current collaborator of the project. This meeting was held was to discuss about the specific cooperation details.
  • The moment I sat down next to him, he immediately rubbed his leg against mine. I raised my head to glare at him but he just pretended to know nothing as he continued to look at my boss talking. Not only that, he would even agree from time to time.
  • To be honest, I almost had a haunting traumatic experience after being tied by Jiang Zhigang. Halfway through the meeting, I could no longer stand Tang Xiao's repeated teasing so I told boss that my stomach was unwell and I wanted to rest for a while.
  • I ran to the pantry and hurriedly drank a glass of water to ease my fear.
  • To my surprise, when I was just about to drink my second glass of water, Tang Xiao walked into the pantry with a smile and casually closed and locked the door.
  • “I heard you’re feeling unwell so I’m here to see you.”
  • Without waiting for me to give any reply, he pulled me over and planted his lips on mine. His tongue pried my mouth open and slipped into my mouth.
  • My tongue was not yet healed. Heart-wrenching pain shot through my body instantly when I was kissed so vigorously by him.
  • Perhaps he had tasted the scent of blood in my mouth. He let me go and wiped his mouth. A trace of anger began to appear on his face, making me somehow confused.
  • “Who did you sleep with this time? Your tongue is even injured now!”
  • Sleep? Yeah right! I guessed my frivolous behavior on the plane must have made him think that I was an easy woman.
  • Unfortunately, my mouth was injured and I could not scold him even if I wanted to. I could only huddle my body and tried to find a chance to slip away.
  • “We parted just not long ago but you’ve slept with another man already?”
  • He grabbed my chin and pried my mouth open to take a look. Anger was apparent in his tone.
  • So what if I slept with another man? It’s none of his business anyway! Don’t tell me that I belonged to him now after just sleeping with him for a few days?
  • I touched my mouth that had started bleeding again and stared at him fiercely.
  • “Come with me.”
  • Tang Xiao pulled my hand and walked to the door of the pantry.
  • I was immediately horrified. I tried to pry his hands open but he held my hand tightly, completely unmoved.
  • What is Tang Xiao trying to do by pulling me outside? Not to mention that there are so many people in the office now. If they saw me walking next to him holding hands, I’d definitely be cursed to death by them! In fact, my colleagues already know that I’m a married woman!
  • “Don’t move! You better follow me obediently if you want me to keep the plane incident a secret.”
  • Tang Xiao’s words stopped me from trying to escape. This threat was too strong. I did not have the courage to refuse at all.
  • Under the watchful eyes of the crowds, I bowed my head and was pulled out of the office by him, all the way until I got into his car.
  • I did not know where Tang Xiao intended to take me. He just drove his car quietly without a word, without even glancing at me at all.