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Chapter 62 Uneasy

  • Upon seeing the blood flowing out of him, tears welled up in my eyes, as I threw myself into his arms weeping loudly.
  • “It’s all my faults… If I hadn’t chosen to come here, I wouldn’t have encountered him and you wouldn’t have been injured…”
  • Tang Xiao patted me on the back casually. “I’m fine. I was merely being bitten, it’s no big deal! You’ve gotten so badly injured so you better go to the hospital quickly.”
  • With that, he stood up and carried me horizontally before walking out of the door.
  • Sobbing in his warm embrace, I asked, “Oh yeah, how did you know I’m here? Don’t tell me that you have set my position in your phone?”
  • “Am I that kind of boorish person?” He threw a dirty look at me. “I didn’t see you after waiting for a long time outside so I randomly asked a woman to help me to check what you were doing inside. In the end, she only saw a bag, a pair of high heels and a puddle of blood when she entered, so I immediately knew something must have happened to you…”
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