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Chapter 227 Where the Hell Is Your Conscience?

  • I crawled off the bed in huff and started wearing my shoes to leave.
  • But damn it, the door would not open! Mu Zisong really had it in him. How could he not leave me an escape route? What should I do? Did I really have to spend my night with that hungry beast Tang Xiao?
  • Fear started to envelop me as I thought about it, so I decided to just shout at the door. As soon as I shouted, somebody really came to my rescue.
  • “Madam, do you need anything?"
  • A clear female voice resonated from the outside, giving me a hope in my life. However, before I could even utter a word, Tang Xiao’s roar shoved everything I was just about to say back into my throat.
  • “If any of you dare to let her go, I’ll make sure your hospital go bankrupt immediately.”
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