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Chapter 259 Heartless

  • After listening to his words, the corner of my mouth began to twitch.
  • “Tang Xiao, can you please don’t be so childish? You're a grown up now and yet you’re jealous over a meal. How embarrassing can you be?”
  • He pouted and pressed me in the corner, kissing me all over. Like a fish without water, I struggled for air, as stars appearing before my eyes. The moment the elevator reached our targeted floor, I ran out with all my might.
  • Tang Xiao almost crashed into the wall behind. I turned my head to look at him and fell on the ground laughing. Agitated, he chased me. I quickly snapped back and crawled up to run toward the garage.
  • But luckily enough, he didn't catch me. I hid behind a large pillar, and after a while, he drove his car over, and whistled at me like a rogue.
  • “Hey pretty, I only charge 800 for one night. Do you wanna buy me for a night of pleasure?”
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