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Chapter 258 Hard Times

  • I nodded. In fact, I was really curious about the cause of her death. It was just that Tao Jin never brought it up so I never asked either.
  • Tao Jin was sitting on the driver seat. The lonely expression on his face reminded me of the crow on the parasol tree outside the window. It was a pain that was not understood.
  • "Actually, neither Shelly's mother nor I loved each other. In my heart, she had always been a next-door little sister, and this had never once changed.”
  • When he reached here, he raised his head and stared blankly at the front. My heart ached looking at him.
  • “We had been together since we were teenagers, and we were friends for more than ten years. We always maintained a good relationship. I was three years older than her, and I often helped help her with homework or whatsoever. She was just like you, silly but cute, very adorable. However, I had always treated her as a little sister, and never once had I fallen in love with her. When we were in high school, she had a boyfriend she loved with all her heart. He was her classmate, and both of them loved each other to death. They had even thought of eloping as well.”
  • As soon as I heard this, I could tell that Zhen was a very impulsive but assertive girl. All this was very typical in adolescence, in that age where everyone would love someone blindly.
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