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Chapter 437 I Saw Hope

  • I realized that when Tao Jin went to work every morning, he would always take Shelly with him, leaving me alone.
  • What were they doing? Could they have yet another secret?
  • The next day, I took advantage of Shelly’s bathing time to finally ask about that ‘secret’.
  • “What do you and Daddy do when he takes you out? Are you two sneaking out behind my back to eat nice things?” I asked Shelly half-jokingly.
  • Shelly shook her head. I raised my hands and began to tickle her, making her giggle and beg for mercy.
  • “Mummy Yahan, Daddy and I aren’t sneaking around eating nice food. Daddy signed me up for piano lessons during summer break, so I still have to go to class every day.”
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