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Chapter 383 Tang Xiao, You Rotten, Despicable Person!

  • I knew she had my best interests at heart and just wanted me to be able to reconcile with Tang Xiao. However, I was too exhausted. I did not want to hear their explanations at all.
  • In the end, she didn’t have a choice, but Tang Xiao said something to her. She then tottered off in her heels.
  • My mom arrived soon after. I heard Tang Xiao talking to her in the corridor as she passed by, but my mom ignored her and pushed open the door to the ward.
  • My mom took Lele, who was sleeping soundly, from my arms. After I gave her some instructions, she looked at me, and then looked at Tao Jin lying in the bed. She looked as though she had something to say, but she couldn’t voice whatever it was.
  • In truth, even if she didn’t say it, I knew what she meant. Tang Xiao was still by the door, and it wasn’t something that could be said with Tao Jin in the room. She only began to slowly make her way out after I gave her a look.
  • I did not step out of the ward the entire night. Tao Jin still had some company matters to attend to even though he was bed-bound, so he tapped away at his laptop. I lay my head on his bed and slowly drifted to sleep. Perhaps I was too tired.
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