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Chapter 287 I Love You Very Much

  • Oh no, it must have been too cold last night. He only wore two layers of clothes, so it was just a matter of time for him to get sick.
  • I patted Tang Xiao's face and called out his name, but he did not respond at all. His brows were furrowed together. I reckoned he must be tormented by the pain of the illness.
  • I did not dare to delay getting him to the hospital, so l immediately got up from the bed and went to look for my mom outside. The two of us took a lot of effort to send him to the hospital in the town.
  • To our surprise, the hospital was packed at the moment, and there were only a few nurses and two doctors on duty. We went in and waited for a while, only to see four to five people who were injured by firecrackers being carried over.
  • A nurse came to check on us and gave me a thermometer so that I could take the temperature of the patient. I saw that Tang Xiao had already fallen unconscious, so I patted his face and asked, “Tang Xiao, wake up. Should I place this thermometer under your armpit, in your mouth, or insert in your anus? If you don't cooperate, then there's no other way but to take off your pants ..."
  • Tang Xiao woke up and scolded me weakly, "How dare you?”
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