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Chapter 34 Old Friend

  • This was exactly what it meant by the proverb ‘destiny will make enemies meet.’
  • It was none other than Yang Xin, a famous figure in the translation department of our school last time!
  • Back in those days, her name would sweep all over the school's major charts as she won numerous awards. She was regarded as the future star of the simultaneous interpretation industry by numerous teachers.
  • Unfortunately, despite having her name on the charts and winning numerous awards, as well as being praised by numerous teachers, she was still inferior to me.
  • Because of this, the students in our school had cheekily given Yang Xin a nickname, Forever Number Two. This nickname had followed her for four years and had never once removed.
  • It was not surprising for her to appear in this meeting. After all, she was the one who could be called as my opponent.
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