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Chapter 225 Abducted

  • My heart sank. Tang Xiao was poisoned?
  • How could this be?
  • Without giving it a further thought, I rushed out of the police station, only to see Mu Zisong leaning against a fiery red Maserati from afar. As soon as he saw me, he whistled.
  • “Get in the car. I’ll bring you to see him.”
  • I walked over, my stomach full of the grumbles I had not vented out. Remembering that we were still at the entrance of the police station, I held it in and directly entered the car.
  • He drove very fast, while I reprimanded angrily next to him, “And you call this a big drama? Not only had you gotten yourself locked up, you even got me involved as well. What kind of lousy plan is this?”
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