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Chapter 316 A Beautiful Life

  • When I heard about the survey information, my heart leapt up to my mouth. Come to think of it, nobody else knew about the USB, except Tang Xiao and I.
  • “I doubt that. I showed you the USB, and nobody knows about the existence of it.”
  • Tang Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. “Well, maybe I overthink. Let’s wait till I close the deal, and I will treat you a big meal.”
  • I smiled widely and asked him, “What about Su Qian? Let’s bring her along, okay?”
  • Tang Xiao seemed a little upset. “It’s our date, so why do we have to bring her along? Let her be our third wheel? Also… we have special events after dinner as we need an in-depth exchange…”
  • Tang Xiao deliberately emphasize the words ‘special events’ and ‘in-depth exchange’ in my ears. These phrases triggered my imagination and my face blushed like a monkey’s butt.
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