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Chapter 279 Small Parting

  • Tang Xiao was stunned. Since this time I was the one who took the initiative, he felt a bit awkward.
  • I clung to his neck and my upper body leaned against his chest. I was not a good kisser, but I was always the one who took the lead. He responded with a pinch to my waist which made me moan involuntarily.
  • Everything was going fine before I moaned. But as soon as the moan escaped my lips, Tang Xiao began to kiss me frantically, as if he was an unbridled horse with a loosened rein.
  • Gradually, I was getting out of breath. He sat on my lap, and it made me feel a little uncomfortable as his weight pressed down on me.
  • When I realized that I was the one taking the initiative, my cheeks reddened and I tried to push Tang Xiao away. But no matter how I tried, I could not move him at all.
  • He let go of me and panted softly in my ear. I caught a whiff of a hormonal smell unique to a man which was mixed with men's cologne.
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