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Chapter 132 I Guess It’s Better This Way

  • He Feng was here.
  • He came to the market to buy groceries and right now, he was standing beside the stall next to me holding a bag of enticing-looking tomatoes. Well, the reason I said they were enticing-looking because he was quite the looker and so the things in his hands also dazzled along with him.
  • Only then I realized that I had never contacted him again since I met up with Yang Xin. Perhaps I did not love him as much as I thought, or otherwise, I would have gone to throw a scene in front of him after learning that he had a new girlfriend.
  • But I did not do so. When the racy photos of him and Yang Xin were sent to me, I did not have too much emotional upheaval, apart from being inflamed that Yang Xin had finally gotten everything she wanted.
  • The pure feelings I believed in when I was in the university suddenly turned into popped bubbles at this moment. This man in front of me had had his position in my heart plummeted into the abyss. He had become yet another mediocre man in my eyes.
  • Those romantic sweet talks he told me before had also become no longer as touching. The man who exerted his utmost efforts to take me away at the airport had suddenly become unfamiliar.
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