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Chapter 322 Innocence Pays the Price

  • I was stunned for a second. To avoid getting entangled in their topic, I simply answered, “Me? Nah, I’m not getting married.”
  • I didn’t expect my answer would cause a stir.
  • “Are you serious? Was it because you haven’t overcome the trauma caused by your gay ex-husband? Is that why you are afraid to put yourself out there? Or is it because of your incredibly high standards in man that you wouldn’t settle for anything less? Haha…”
  • The heck? What a hypocrite! They were just mocking me while disguising their sarcasms with jokes.
  • Geez, there was no right answer no matter how I responded. If I told them I was the wife of Tang Group’s CEO, they probably would just assume I was bluffing.
  • Forget about it. I didn’t want to waste my time arguing with these nosy parkers anyway, so I lightly said, “I am going to the washroom.”
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