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Chapter 168 So It’s You

  • Hearing an enigmatic voice coming from above, I looked up. Yang Xin was standing right in front of me with a smile.
  • She pretended to be shocked and touched the blood stain on my face. “Oh, you are bleeding. What happened to your face? Did you get hit? Where is your Mr. Tang? How come he is not here?”
  • Before I could reply, she seemed to have a sudden moment of realization. “Oh, he must have dumped you. It’s no surprise. He must have got bored of fooling around with a loose woman like you who has no shame.”
  • Was she referring to herself?
  • I felt that she was insinuating something by that remark, so I interrupted coldly, “Just lay it on the line and speak frankly if you have something to say. Don’t cloak it in insinuation!”
  • She simply sat next to me and said in her pretended innocence. “Sigh, just tell me the truth, did that child of yours belong to Tang Xiao? It’s not, right? Or else why would you get an abortion behind his back?”
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