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Chapter 108 A Small Storm

  • When Zhou Yuyao and Tang Xinran saw Tang Xiao, they were taken aback by shock. It seemed that they had not expected him to be here too.
  • “Brother, what brings you here?”
  • Tang Xinran was particularly surprised. She thought that it was just a coincidence for her to meet me here but it had never crossed her mind that her brother would be here too.
  • “Tang Xinran, I’ve warned you many times to stay away from Zhou Yuyao. If you still don’t listen to me, I’ll have no other choice but to cut off your credit cards.”
  • Tang Xiao’s gaze was like a knife sweeping over Zhou Yuyao’s face, “And you, you’re prohibited from coming to the birthday banquet the day after tomorrow. If I saw even the slightest trace of your shadow, just wait and you’d see your company going down along with you. I’ll live up to my word!”
  • His natural threatening aura was extremely overbearing. Tang Xinran was still young after all. Being exasperated by him like that, she shouted out loud at him.
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