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Chapter 369 I Found out a Big Secret

  • When I woke up the next morning after that night, it was Tao Jin who stayed beside me.
  • He certainly knew something, or else those culprits wouldn’t have ended up in tragedy.
  • The person who could make them lose their jobs and their families, and even ordered gangsters to go after them, must be someone with a powerful background. Otherwise, all these couldn’t have been done.
  • The way he punished them was spooky, so much so that I felt chills run down my spine. Yes, they certainly committed the crime, but he shouldn’t have punished them by tearing their family apart. Their family members were innocent.
  • When I was with Tang Xiao back then, he was resolute and stern when he took matters into his own hand. He wanted things to be done efficiently, effectively and accurately. However, he would always give others a second chance. Unless someone tread on his toes and did something unbearable, then only he would take revenge.
  • Somehow, I always had a feeling that Tao Jin was hiding something from me, but I couldn’t say it out loud, because whatever he did, he did it for me. How could I judge and comment?
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