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Chapter 142 Is She Taking Drugs?

  • Colors drained from Tang Xinran’s face. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”
  • I looked at her coldly. “Oh is that so? You don’t understand, huh? Then how did your parents know my phone number and even accused me of losing Mingxuan?”
  • As soon as I said this, Tang Xiao’s expression turned glum. “Tang Xinran, is this true?” 
  • “Brother, I-I didn’t! It’s she who is framing me and she still dares to say that I framed her? Am I that idle?”
  • Heh! You did not dare to admit it now?
  • “Sister, it’s clearly you who are lying. Mummy called just now and gave Yahan an earful! I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I explained to Mummy and only then her anger finally eased.”
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