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Chapter 156 He Feng Is Dead

  • I could not reject his request. It was such a simple request, so I would not reject him even if he were not on his deathbed.
  • So, I leaned down and hugged him gently.
  • He laughed. “You're so warm, Yahan… Thank you for giving your warmth to me, I will remember your kindness, and bring it with me to my grave… Thank you."
  • I choked up again, crying as I leaned down on his shoulders. "Don't say such silly things, you'll be fine…"
  • His voice was so soft, and a bit wispy. "Yahan, you're the one who's talking silly, you know? Humans… Humans die someday, I have already accepted that fact. Sigh, it’s just… just that it's such a pity, I… I still had so much to tell you… but… but I no longer have the chance to—“
  • His voice came to an abrupt halt. I widened my eyes and cried until I could no longer speak as I held his cold body.
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