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Chapter 432 Pretending To Comply

  • “Yahan, I know that you don’t understand me yet, but I only thought of this out of desperation. You really don’t make me feel assured, you know?”
  • Tao Jin suddenly climbed onto the bed. I immediately wriggled my way down under the bed and crawled on the carpet. Once I had crawled out from under the bed, I ran toward the door to escape with bare feet.
  • He caught up to me in an instant and gripped my arms. He had the foresight this time to restrain my arms first. I couldn’t move. All I could do was kick out at him with all my strength.
  • I only stopped when Tao Jin’s airy voice rang by my ear.
  • “Don’t forget that you have a child in you. If you don’t want to save Lele, then please continue like this. I won’t help you to save the baby if something happens.”
  • Tao Jin had always been able to exploit my weaknesses. He then brutally squeezed my arms, not even giving me a chance to fight back.
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