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Chapter 275 A Raging Battle in the Office

  • Lily, whom I hadn’t met in a long time, was the first one to come over. She looked at me as though she had seen a ghost. She came closer to me without warning. Her face was looking ghastly pale from the heavy foundation she applied on her skin. I had a shock.
  • “Yahan? I thought I had the wrong person. Why did you come back?”
  • My lips were twitching unnaturally, “I applied for a long leave from Mr. Tang previously. I’m back now.”
  • “Oh…” The drawn-out tone in her response was lingering with a thirst for gossip.
  • “Everyone was saying that you married into the Tang family and became a rich housewife now. Some even said you job-hopped to Wentian Group. It seems like those all are false rumors?”
  • I wondered how they found out about me joining Wentian Group. I only spent less than half a month there anyway. Did someone see me there?
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