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Chapter 338 I Won’t Agree To The Divorce

  • Tang Xiao’s voice was just as gentle as before. “Who said that you have to divorce me? I’ve said it before already, I won’t ever divorce you. I won’t let you go even if you harden your heart and toss me away.”
  • I sniffled. Those words just barely made my emotions calm down.
  • “But she’s pregnant. The child’s about four weeks old. I’ve calculated the time period, and it really is from that night…”
  • “So what if the child is mine? I will take her to abort the child. If the Su family thinks that I have wronged their daughter, at most I would only need to compensate them with a handsome sum.”
  • “But…”
  • “No buts. My wife, I have no feelings toward Su Qian. I won’t take responsibility for that night’s mistake either. All I know is that I want to give you a home. I want to treat you well for the rest of my life. I am very regretful for what happened that night. Since it was my mistake, I have a duty to right it. I shouldn’t continue to do nothing about it, am I right?”
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