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Chapter 183 Did You Do That On Purpose?

  • What was going on? Why was someone crying in my room?
  • I hurriedly got out of the bed and ran outside to the living room to take a look. As it turned out, a cleaning lady was crying while sitting on the carpet.
  • In my life, the thing that I hated to see the most was someone crying, so in that moment, my sympathy was aroused.
  • I patted her shoulders compassionately. "What's wrong? Why are you crying in my room?"
  • The moment she saw me, she started to apologize to me non-stop. I gradually understood the whole course of the incident as she spoke through her sobs.
  • It turned out that she had entered the wrong room when she was cleaning. She thought that the guests in the room had already left, so she came in to clean. But to her horror, she accidentally spilled the coffee on the coffee table, dirtying my dress.
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