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Chapter 256 Was It Really Necessary?

  • He looked dead serious; it did not look like a joke at all.
  • Fine, this man had me wrapped around his fingers
  • Only he could think of blackmailing me with such a threat.
  • But I took the bait and compromised anyway.
  • “Uhm… Can you give me some time to settle this? Tao Jin treats me well all the while, so I don’t have the heart to hurt him.”
  • Tang Xiao gave me a sidelong glance, and finally said, with a generosity he rarely showed, “You have three days. If you don’t tell him within these three days, I will take the matters into my own hands. I’m not afraid to offend him anyway. I have offended so many people out there, so it doesn’t really matter if there’s one more person on the list.”
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