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Chapter 209 Become Your Woman

  • To be honest, when he spoke these words to me in such a solemn manner, my heart started to beat erratically to my dismay.
  • But that was right too, any woman would be touched when such a drop dead gorgeous man spoke these words so affectionately to them, or would they not?
  • Then, as if I was possessed, I asked him, “Tao Jin, why do you like me? I'm so average, and also… we haven't known each other for long. When you say these words, I feel like you're lying to me.”
  • I was a person who strongly required a sense of security. Since Jiang Zhigang set a bad example before this, I felt fearful toward love. Tao Jin’s unexpected words to me today felt flaky to me.
  • Fortunately, he did not become angered by my doubts, instead he asked me calmly, “Then in your opinion, how much time does one need to understand a person?”
  • Uhm… I had not thought of this before. But if one did not even understand that person, how could they fall in love?
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