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Chapter 329 Who Is the Sincere One?

  • “Ran…”
  • I was afraid Ran Ran would get into a fight with Tang Xiao. After all, I had never seen Tang Xiao being slapped since I knew him.
  • Ran Ran would be the only person who dared to slap him, I supposed.
  • However, Ran Ran completely ignored me. She continued to yell at Tang Xiao, showing him no mercy and wasn’t holding back at all.
  • “Let me tell you, you have to kick that bitch out of your house immediately, or else I will make both of your lives a living hell. Tang Xiao, just because you have some money, don’t think that you are so mighty and high. You don’t deserve Yahan at all!”
  • Ran Ran’s loud roar rose to a deafening pitch in the ward. I could feel my ears buzz.
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