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Chapter 303 True Friends

  • A car suddenly braked around ten centimeters in front of me, scaring me out of my wits.
  • "Are you trying to kill yourself? Can't you see that this is a busy road? Even if you wanted to fake an accident to extort some money, you should find a better car to scam. I’m only driving a small, cheap car so what are you trying to scam me for? Are you crazy?"
  • After being scolded by the driver, I snapped back to reality. I saw Su Qian squatting on the road, and a young man riding a bicycle stood at a loss beside her.
  • She… had tried to save me.
  • I was moved. This was a feeling I had not felt for a long time.
  • Su Qian clearly blocked the impact of the bike for me, otherwise it would have been me who was hit.
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