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Chapter 371 He Came Back?

  • With the knife tightly pressed against my skin, there was a painful sensation spreading across my neck.
  • Watching Tao Jin’s nervous and worried face, I was no longer afraid. On the contrary, I was at ease, because I knew him well, he wouldn’t let me die.
  • Just as he knew my weakness, I knew his as well. My weakness was Tang Xiao, and his weakness was me.
  • “Yahan, drop the knife. I will not force you anymore.”
  • Tao Jin looked as though he went through the trial of his life. Judging from his bloodshot eyes and the sweats on his forehead, I could tell he cared a lot about me. I felt guilty for putting him through this.
  • A burnt child dreaded the fire. The knife remained on my neck. I didn’t dare to lower it, not even by one inch.
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