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Chapter 120 Is This Enough?

  • “Yahan, of course I would choose you...”
  • “Isn’t that enough? He Feng, break up with her right away, did you hear me? She’s not a good person. If you stay with her, she will ruin you ...”
  • “I know she’s not a good person, but...”
  • He interrupted me, and there seemed to be something that he found difficult to tell me.
  • Question arose in my heart, “But what?”
  • He Feng sighed, “Yahan, if things could be this simple, I would have broken up with her long ago. But the night I was drunk, she took a lot of nude pictures of me and her… I wanted to give her money afterwards to let her give up, but she threatened me with the nude photos. She said that she has loved me for a long time and she would never let go even if she died now that she finally has a chance to be with me…”
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