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Chapter 85 It's a Good Thing I Don't Love You

  • “Pfft…”
  • As if realizing something, the sip of water that I just took was immediately sprayed on Tang Xiao’s face. His handsome face looked like it had just bloomed, being lit up with all seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, so downright beautiful!
  • “Li Yahan! Don’t cross the line!”
  • He went frenzy with anger and hurriedly got up to go to the bathroom. With a glass of plain water in my hand, I looked at his retreating back slightly guiltily, lost in my own thoughts.
  • When he returned from the shower again, I was already full, half-lying in the quilt. I had fallen asleep but when he came in, he slammed the door loudly and suddenly woke me up again.
  • Seething with anger, he came back to lie on the bed. I, on the other hand, shrank to one side. Despite being in slight dilemma, I still approached him with a smile.
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