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Chapter 191 Drugged

  • “Could it be that I’m the target instead?”
  • I hurried to the toilet and jammed my fingers down my throat, but despite my attempt to induce vomit, I could not throw up a single thing. I got myself rather nauseated instead.
  • Tang Xiao patted my back from behind and asked, “Are you feeling better now? How are you feeling? If you are still unwell, let’s go to the hospital.”
  • I did not feel anything for the time being. What if we made a mistake? That bottle of water did not even have any unusual smell. Could it be that I had been thinking too much?
  • I squeezed Tang Xiao’s slightly cold hands, and said, “Don’t leave first, stay here with me… Otherwise, if I die later, you won't even get to see me for one last time.”
  • With a somber face, Tang Xiao scolded, “Just one question and here you go acting up again. Are you really that dumb? Who will want to drug you? If you were dead, the hotel would be a major suspect for this.”
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