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Chapter 32 Revenge

  • My mother-in-law had always been a strong woman in my eyes. It was said that when she was having a hard deliver giving birth to Jiang Zhigang, my father-in-law did not accompany her at all, but she was still able to go through it by pure will.
  • However, right now, she slumped on the sofa in bafflement, her originally apathetic eyes became even more lifeless.
  • “I’ve always wondered why you didn’t sympathize with my encounter at all, since we’re both women. I used to think that it’s because you were protecting your son but… I guess I probably understand now.”
  • I could not believe that I would actually be able to poke at Wang Shufen's weakness one day. It felt very satisfying to see her like that.
  • She glared at me. “What do you know?”
  • There was no energy at all in her tone. It was all soft, completely unlike before.
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