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Chapter 87 The Ugly Truth

  • Who was Zhang Yaming?
  • I was consumed with bewilderment. Almost instinctively, my nose quickly smelled the scent of heavy gossip.
  • Tang Xiao’s news was extremely thrilling! No wonder he would not accept Zhou Yuyao no matter what. So it turned out that he found out that she had an affair.
  • I cast a very curious look on Zhou Yuyao again, and saw her tears brimming in her eyes for a while before finally trickling down. Even so, her face was filled with an expression of great terror.
  • “Xiao, no! It’s not like that! That was all in the past. I love you the most! You know that my biggest wish is to marry you..."
  • “Zhou Yuyao, can you stop being so disgusting?” Tang Xiao interrupted her coldly. "You were together with him since university and do you really think I don’t know anything about it?”
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