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Chapter 382 It’s All Your Fault

  • “Tao Jin!!”
  • I hurriedly put my son down and dashed forward to hold him. “Tao Jin, what’s wrong?”
  • He didn’t move a muscle, his face twisted in agony.
  • I was frantic and panicked as I whipped my head around to scream at Tang Xiao. “Tang Xiao, save him! Didn’t you see that he fainted?”
  • Tang Xiao couldn’t be bothered to heed my words. “What does this have to do with me? He lost and pretended to be sick to milk your sympathy. This is such a despicable and lowly act.”
  • I really couldn’t comprehend what was wrong with Tang Xiao. It was already enough that he refused to help in such a serious situation, but he still had to throw fuel onto the fire. Even if he loathed Tao Jin, he shouldn’t behave like this, right?
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