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Chapter 414 An Incident

  • With an uncertain look, Tang Xiao replied, “I don’t think he lied to us. After I was saved, our men searched for them everywhere. They must have been aware of that.”
  • Then he turned to me and asked for my opinion. “If you were them, what would you do if you found out that I was alive and was looking for you?”
  • I thought about it for a moment, and slowly opened my mouth. “Naturally, I would release the video publicly first. I’d do anything to save myself, for after all, it’s a risky situation.”
  • “Wait… I just remember. They never said anything about the video after the incident. And there’s no video posted online. Doesn’t that mean that they didn’t have the video in the first place?”
  • Tang Xiao nodded solemnly. “That’s pretty much what I thought. The only problem is that we haven’t caught the gang yet. This matter can only rest after we catch the remaining ones in Thailand.”
  • I finally understood
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