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Chapter 86 Birds of a Feather Flock Together

  • Zhou Yuyao and Yang Xin came in one after another. Yang Xin had a particularly arrogant expression on, like Zhou Yuyao was her mother.
  • What was going on?
  • Zhou Yuyao slowly took her seat and Yang Xin also sat opposite of her. Like two rich ladies, the two of them began to order, not glancing in our direction at all.
  • I took a peep at Tang Xiao and realized that he was also staring at the two women, but his expression was calmer than mine.
  • "Hey, Tang Xiao, why are they together? Yang Xin is a vixen. She’s with Zhou Yuyao now… Don’t tell me that the two of them are lesbian?”
  • Tang Xiao glanced at me like looking at a mentally retarded person. “Lesbian my feet!Just eat!”
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