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Chapter 81 Terminator of Good Things

  • Tang Xiao’s father was quite a killjoy, still thinking about their marriage at this time, not afraid that Tang Xiao would suddenly turn hostile.
  • Sure enough, Tang Xiao’s expression changed, as if he had just seen the enemy who killed his father. “Don’t think about it.”
  • Hehe… Tang Xiao’s way of speaking was simply rude, brief and to the point.
  • Tang Xiuwen seemed to have expected that he would have such an attitude. After looking at me with a cold look, he said in a hostile manner.
  • “If you don’t marry Yuyao, you can forget about marrying this woman too!”
  • I felt that Tang Xiao’s father was just too naive. Generally speaking, the relationship between Tang Xiao and I was just one between superior and subordinate, which was even more shady when it came to our private matters. However, both of us always shared a common point— that was, interest.
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