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Chapter 74 She Did Not Like Me

  • The person who opened the door was Zhou Yuyao.
  • I embarrassedly pulled my hand back from Tang Xiao. That’s right, this is their home ground so what am I here for?
  • I must have hit my head hard. I should not have succumbed to Tang Xiao's depostic rule and agreed to this damn request of his yesterday.
  • “Yuyao, why didn’t you open the door? Since Xiao’er is back, just let him in. Don’t be angry at him anymore.”
  • Just as I stood unmoving out of bewilderment, Tang Xiao’s mother came to open the door. When she saw me standing behind Tang Xiao, her benevolent smile was dropped immediately.
  • She looked at me before shifting her gaze to look at Tang Xiao who was wearing a scornful expression, and asked coldly, “Is this the measure you meant?”
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