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Chapter 7 His True Face

  • Jiang Zhigang must have probably gone crazy. He broke down and shouted for me to not leave him.
  • I was too lazy to bother myself with his hysterics. I merely picked up my partially full suitcase silently and proceeded to leave.
  • Other than the clothes in the closet and the skin care products on the dressing table, nothing else in this house belonged to me. The house was under my mother-in-law’s name and the car was owned by Jiang Zhigang.
  • Just when I was about to push open the room door, he suddenly grabbed me by force.
  • “Yahan, are you really going to leave no matter what I do to make up to you?”
  • Or what? Should I just hold my broken hearts forcing myself to stay with him treating each other politely like guests while watching him loving another man for my entire life time?
  • I nodded solemnly with a calm expression. "I won't tell mother-in-law and my parents about your matter. I’ll just say that we have disagreements in our marriage.”
  • I believed this was the best method. Since he did not love me, there was no need to get myself entangled in his life anymore.
  • However, to my surprise, just as I was about to step out of the door, he suddenly pulled me into the bedroom and slammed the bedroom door heavily.
  • “What are you doing?"
  • I stared at him unhappily but I realized that he was no longer as soft-spoken as before. The rage in his eyes were threatening to burst out now.
  • “Since you don’t want to listen to me obediently, I guess I’ll just take a hard approach with you.”
  • His raised voice caused me to lose my determined courage to leave. The face of the man in front was so distorted that he looked completely different from the gentle person he used to be.
  • I could not understand what he actually meant by hard approach.
  • Without warning, he slapped me hard on the face. The slap was so hard that it caused me to wobble and fell on the bed, making my head spin with dizziness.
  • I clutched the sheet tightly. He seized my hair and pulled, causing my scalp to hurt badly.
  • His face came close to mine. His gaze was tyrannical and terrifying.
  • “You’ll stay here obediently until you get pregnant, or otherwise…”
  • So, does the ‘hard approach’ mean me giving birth to his child and producing an heir to the Jiang family?
  • The strange smile on his face sent chills down my spine. Is he still the Jiang Zhigang I know? Or did I never know his true face at all?
  • I did not have enough strength to resist him. Like a piece of meat waiting to be butchered on a cutting board, I could only get trampled on. Besides, putting up useless resistance would only consume my physical strength.
  • After realizing this, I sat down obediently, not even trying to put up a fight verbally.
  • When he saw that I was no longer resisting, he let go of my hair and patted my face, in a manner that was so bitingly cold.
  • “What a good wife!”
  • What a joke! I actually thought that this gay would divorce me easily. Or perhaps, his hysterics just now were to just hold me back to the utmost extent so that he could slowly trick me into giving birth to his child.
  • “So, is this why you refuse to divorce me?”
  • He looked at me as though he was looking at the filth in the washroom. “Otherwise, what do you think? Unfortunately, soft approach doesn’t work on you so I have no choice but to use force. You’re the one who forced me to do this so don’t you blame me!”
  • He said the words naturally like it was meant to be, as though it was something normal to trick a person into giving birth to his child.
  • Disgust rose in my heart. Jiang Zhigang had gone crazy! In order to satisfy his sexual orientation that could not give him an heir, he actually used force on me.
  • If before this I still felt a little guilty towards him for having an affair, I no longer felt anything now.
  • He made me realize that the past five years was nothing but a pile of sh*t. To think that I even held it in my hand with joy for five whole years. I could not believe that just a few minutes ago, I even reminisced the warmth it used to bring me.
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll treat you well, since we’re married after all.”
  • Jiang Zhigang put on a strange smile, causing me to stare angrily at him.