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Chapter 61 Tang Xiao, Save Me !

  • I knew I was going to die! This crazy man! The reason he did not kill me directly was because he wanted to turn me into an HIV carrier too!
  • "Don’t... Don't come over ..."
  • Seeing him approaching me slowly, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a deep sense of powerlessness. I wanted to save myself, but I could not run. I wish someone could save me, but I did not even have a tool to communicate with the outside world!
  • Tang Xiao was still waiting for me in Happy Valley. I wondered if he had found out that I was missing...
  • He would not come to save me even if he had, right? After all, he already had a fiancee, and my existence would only cause him trouble...
  • In my absent-minded state, Jiang Zhigang had already walked up to me. I propped myself up from the ground with both hands with great difficulty. My head swam with dizziness,and it was so painful that I almost faint.
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