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Chapter 417 Your Fragility Pains Me

  • Tang Xiao gave a dry laugh. “I’m the one who caused her death. If I hadn’t sulked and just replied to her promptly when she sent me that text that night, she wouldn’t have died…”
  • The way he looked now had my heart racing in uneasiness. While I didn’t know what Tang Xiao meant, there was a reason why he was putting all the responsibility and blame on himself.
  • I gently rubbed his back. Tang Xiao’s complexion was unsightly. Red lines crossed his eyes, and his gaze was empty, as though he had been cursed or possessed.
  • “Xinran had texted me that night. She told me that she wanted to go home, but I was asleep by then. When I woke up the next day, I told her not to come home and to reflect on herself, but I hadn’t thought…”
  • Anguish and guilt laced Tang Xiao’s tone, as though the thing he yearned for the most was to die for Tang Xinran.
  • I obviously couldn’t let him die. Right at this moment, Zhong’s car arrived at the apartment that Tang Xiao and I had lived in four years ago. I surveyed the housing area that remained practically the same as four years ago. There was this sense of being in another world.
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