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Chapter 4 The Person I Least Want to See

  • Useful? In what way would I be useful? I’m a married woman who has neither the body nor money. I’m an extremely ordinary woman so just how useful could I be?
  • I guess, perhaps the only thing that makes me special is that I’m a woman who has married a gay man, a woman who has been miserably deceived by her gay husband for five years.
  • After being willfully ravaged twice more by Tang Xiao, he finally put on his clothes and asked me to pack up.
  • I was told to accompany him to negotiate a business with foreign customers. Before I could even agree, he had already thrown me in the car and taken me to the restaurant where the business discussion was being held.
  • Other than being the secretary of the company’s boss, I was also an English simultaneous interpreter. It was because of this advantage that I successfully became the boss’ assistant and had participated in many business talks with him.
  • After reaching the hotel, we were invited to the VIP room and I could see two blond foreigners with blue eyes.
  • “I’ve seen you with Zhao during business talks before. Your English is very good. It just so happened that my secretary has resigned at the last moment for being unable to stand my bad temper. When I was still worrying how I should deal with the negotiation today, I just so happened to have come across you. Say, don’t you think this is fate?”
  • It was obviously an explanation but Tang Xiao’s frivolous tone made me want to kill him with a bite!
  • Besides, how could he just took me here last-minute to become his interpreter?
  • It was very important for a simultaneous interpreter to make preparatory work in order to interpret a meeting properly. I would need to learn many of the professional terms in advance. Isn’t he just trying to make a fool out of me now by suddenly asking me be an interpreter last minute?
  • However, it was useless for me to tell him these. He would not understand it even if I told him so what other choice did I have besides agreeing to it?
  • I loved my job very much and I was always serious in interpreting every time. There was no exception this time. Fortunately, there was nothing particular difficult in this meeting today so I managed to complete today’s work successfully.
  • The meeting ended with a very satisfactory result. It was only until the two clients had been sent away that I finally breathed a long sigh of relief.
  • Tang Xiao walked up to me and patted my shoulder telling me I did a good job. Finally, I managed to get a small reason to be happy.
  • “Did you mean this when you said I’m useful?”
  • After leaving the hotel and getting into the car, I remembered what Tang Xiao said to me in the hotel so I asked him.
  • He nodded and looked at me with an expression that said ‘Yes, what were you thinking?’ Only then I finally felt a relief.
  • “Why don’t you consider changing job to be my secretary in my company? I’ll pay you three times the salary Zhao is paying you now.”
  • I shook my head. Three times salary was indeed tempting but I did not want to go back to that city anymore.
  • Tang Xiao did not force me. He only said that I could go to him anytime if I regretted it.
  • He even gave me his business card, which I casually put in my jacket pocket.
  • I accompanied Tang Xiao to finish his business negotiations in these three days. Of course, this devil also did not let me go so easily. In these three days, my waist was so sore every time I woke up.
  • I finally could get rid of Tang Xiao now. He made a solemn vow that he would never inform my boss about the incident on the plane.
  • Even though I did not really believe him, there was no use for me to get myself worried over these matters. I only wanted to go back home as soon as possible.
  • As promised, Tang Xiao kept his words and took me home.
  • As soon as I reached home, I no longer could suppress the grievances in my heart. I only wanted to throw myself into my mom’s embrace and tell her about my grievances.
  • However, before I even entered the door, I immediately saw the face I least wanted to see.
  • Jiang Zhigang was sitting carefully on the sofa in my living room. Mom and dad, on the other hand, were sitting beside heaving a long sigh.
  • The last time this scene took place was when Jiang Zhigang came to my house with cigarettes and alcohols to ask for my hand. My face fell and I glared at him as I walked into the living room.
  • “Why are you here?”
  • When Jiang Zhigang saw me, he immediately kneeled down and cried out loud, with tears and snort flowing down his face. “Yahan, you’ve really misunderstood me. How could I possibly look for another woman behind you?”
  • What? A woman? This is too ludicrous! I looked at him without a word, wanting to see what trick he was pulling.