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Chapter 388 An Impending Storm

  • I lowered my head, unable to face my mother.
  • She had guessed who I had chosen just from my actions, which was why she reminded me once again out of care.
  • “Oh, child, as long as it is something that you want, you have to set some expectations for yourself even if you can’t obtain it… Since you choose to be with Tang Xiao, you should explain everything clearly to Tao Jin soon… Otherwise, you’ll be abandoned by them both for trying to keep the two of them at the same time, you know? You are my child, of course I know that your soft heart is your biggest flaw. Still, that isn’t a good thing sometimes. Your soft heart will hurt you.”
  • I nodded. “I know, mom.”
  • My mom sighed again. “You are right. Tang Xiao is still Lele’s biological father in the end. It’ll be good for his development with you two by his side. However, Tang Xiao has a pair of troublesome parents. I’m just worried that you’ll end up suffering if you go back.”
  • My mom had always supported me, but at the same time, she was worried about my future. I didn’t understand her conflicted feelings back before I became a mother, but now that I had a child, I could understand her pain.
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