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Chapter 364 Awkward Breastfeeding

  • After I woke up, the sky was already bright outside. It was silent in the hospital. The air, filled with scents of wintersweet flowers, was flowing through the window.
  • I leaned half-seated against the bed, looking at Tao Jin who was still asleep next to me. He had dark circles below his eyes like the pandas, looking haggard, as stubbles covered his face.
  • I could not move yet, so I could only stay on the bed in a semi-seated position. This position made my butt hurt, so I tried to adjust my position, but at this time, Tao Jin woke up.
  • He opened his glazed-over eyes, and when he saw that I was awake, his eyes shone like stars.
  • “You’re awake? You’d gone through a hard time last night, Yahan."
  • He stretched his hands and caressed my head, his eyes filled with love.
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