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Chapter 355 He is Gone

  • It suddenly dawned on Ran Ran. "Damn it, I was blinded by anger. I haven't asked about this yet. Wait, I'll call Mu Zisong immediately!"
  • Upon saying that, she got into the room and began to talk quietly with the person on the phone.
  • Actually, she didn’t have to hide it from me. She didn’t have to ask Mu Zisong either. I could already guess the ending. When she finally told me the truth, it would be the same as announcing my inevitable doom.
  • The Su's and Tang's had a close relationship, so how could they let go of this good opportunity so easily?
  • As for me and Tang Xiao, this was where it ended. He avoided me because he thought I was a burden...
  • After a while, Ran Ran walked out of the room in despair. I glanced at her expression and smiled bleakly at her.
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