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Chapter 344 I Did Not Push Her

  • “I’ll go out and take a look. Stay in there. Don’t come out.”
  • Tang Xiao’s expression was heavy as he fluffed my blankets, his actions gentle and careful. Despite this, gloom was still all over his face.
  • He probably had been under too much stress these few days. I wouldn’t talk about the rest, but just that unreasonable and stubborn mother of his, Li Shufen, would be enough for him to suffer.
  • When she came to our home to pick a fight, she ended up causing Tang Xiao’s arm injury. Now that Su Qian’s child was gone, if Li Shufen didn’t come over to flay me alive, then her name wasn’t Li Shufen.
  • Now that Tang Xiao was alone outside, he might be forced into something. I was afraid that he would do something reckless, so I whipped off my blankets and stumbled my way outside of the room.
  • All I heard was a bunch of people screeching outside, telling Tang Xiao to hand me over.
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